Land Acquisition – we provide our customers with wide range of land and housing options in terms of location. Our lands are litigation free, thus, relieving our customers off the burden of unnecessary stress from land litigation. Our lands and houses are reasonably priced, hence, middle income earners especially, can take advantage of our services.

Building and Construction – we undertake building and construction work on behalf of our clients. We ensure our work is done according to the exact need and specification of our client. Our firm has professional artisans and technicians to enable us deliver optimum value to clients.

Architectural Designs – we just don’t provide you ordinary architectural designs, rather, we design based on customer preference and modernized based designs  but more importantly, in a way that best utilizes the space available.

Supply of Professional Artisans – whatever your construction needs are, Emabed can provide you with qualified artisans to see your job through. We ensure that the personnel we bring on board are well equipped with the needed skills and attitude to deliver optimum quality.

Land Documentation-We take the stress of our cherised clients by helping them with all documentation process thus Land title certificate acquisition,Building permits and Barcode site plans.

Construction of Biofill digester systems :We construct modernzed and understood biofill toilet systems for commercial and residential purposes respectively.